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Quick Steps To Fix Norton Mobile Unlock Request Not Working

Norton Mobile Unlock Request Won't Work

Norton Mobile Unlock Request Not Working?

The Norton mobile unlock feature allows you to unlock your Password Manager Vault by using your default browser. If you have uninstalled the Norton Password Manager application unintentionally, the Mobile unlock request won’t be received on your smartphone. Suppose you have installed the Norton password manager application on a new device. In that case, you might not receive the mobile unlock notifications to unlock your vault, as you need to register your new device same as the old one.Here, Norton approves the notifications on your mobile device. This feature lets you notify whenever you launch the browser with the Norton Password Manager. Once you agree to the unlock request on your mobile device, your vault automatically unlocks in the browser, which is quite handy for a normal user. If you have forgotten your vault password, you can reset it from the Norton Password Manager

mobile application. Let’s now see the solutions for the issue where Norton Mobile Unlock Request Not Working.

Configuring Mobile Unlock Settings:

  • Open up your default browser, click the Norton Password Manager
  • browser extension icon, and click the vault.
  • Go to your Norton Password Manager page and look for the settings. Once you find the Settings menu, click on it.
  • On the Settings page, go to the Vault Access option and click the Mobile unlock settings
  • .
  • If the Mobile unlock is set up for your old device, you need to remove the old device to add a new one. Click on Remove
  • and then click on Set up
  • Under My Devices, a set of mobile devices will be displayed on your screen. Choose your mobile device and click Turn On and then Finish.
  • If you wish to disable the feature at any point in time, you can go to the Settings page and click on Mobile unlock settings and uncheck the browser starter check box.
  • You will get the unlock request notification on your mobile only when you manually open the vault. Visit Norton Antivirus Download for further reference.

Setting Up Norton Password Manager:

  • Launch the Norton Password Manager application on your mobile device.
  • Sign in using your Norton account credentials (user name and password)
  • .
  • On the next screen, enter your vault password and tap Open Vault.
  • Now you have successfully registered your mobile device with the Norton Password Manager.

If you are still have queries on Norton Mobile Unlock Request Not Working, feel free to call us.