What Is Norton Safe Web?

The Norton Safe Search is a tool that is added to your search engine to keeps your browsing and online activity safe.

Norton Safe Search Download

Use the steps below to download the Norton Safe Search on the browser.

Norton Safe Web
  • Visit the official Norton website using your system’s browser and find the Safe Search program.
  • Click the download link to get the Safe Search program on the system.
  • You can add the Safe Search feature to the browser on the system.

Setup Norton Safe Web Chrome

  • After you install the Norton Safe Chrome on the system, the Browser protection page shows up on a new page.
  • Following that, select the Click to Add menu beside the Norton Safe name.
  • A pop-up message appears, clickAdd Extension.
  • Next, select the Install Now button and proceed with the guided instructions to set up the Norton Safe web Chrome tool.

Norton Safe Search As Default For Chrome

  • On your system, press the Win and the R keys together to open the Run dialog box.
  • In the Run box, enter “inetcpl.cpl” and click OK.
  • Following that, the Internet Properties window shows up, select the Programs tab.
  • Click the Manage add-ons menu. In the window that opens, select Search Providers under Add-on Types.
  • From the list of search engines, choose Norton Safe Search and click the Set as Default button.
  • Close the Manage add-ons window and finally click OK in the Internet Properties window.

Fix Norton Safe Search Not Working On Chrome

  • Make sure to turn on the Safe Search tool on the Chrome browser.
  • In the Google Chrome window, click the hamburger icon at the top right end.
  • Next, a list of options appears on the screen, select Settings.
  • From the Settings options, choose the Extensions menu. The Extensions page opens up.
  • Find the Norton Safe Search menu and then click the toggle button beside it to enable the extension.
  • Close the Google Chrome window and restart it.

Norton Safe Web For Firefox

Add the Norton Safe extension on the Firefox browser using the steps given below:

  • Download and install the Norton Safe search from the official website using Firefox.
  • Next, the Browser Protection page opens up automatically.
  • Navigate to the Norton Safe Web menu and enable the feature to start using it.
  • When a pop-up appears asking you to allow the extensions, select Allow.
  • After that, choose Add All Norton Extensions for Free.
  • You can choose to receive the Firefox alert messages later or from now on.

Norton Safe Web Not Working In Firefox

In case the Safe Web does not work on the Firefox browser, consider following the below steps.

  • Click the More icon at the right end and choose Add-ons.
  • Under the Extensions section, select the Nortan Safe Web and then click the toggle button next to the menu.
  • When the installation is complete, restart the browser and open it again.

Norton Safe Search Opera

There are no Norton web protection tools for the Opera web browser.

Norton Safe Search Safari

The following instructions will help you to turn on the Norton Safe Search on the Safari browser.

  • Once you launch the Safari app, click the Safari menu and select the Preferences menu.
  • Next, click the Extensions menu, then tick the checkbox of Enabled below Norton Safe Search.
  • Save the settings and close the browser window.
  • Relaunch the Safari app and use the Safe Search for secure browsing.

Norton Safe Web Microsoft Edge

Use the following steps to turn on the Norton Safe on the Microsoft Edge.

  • Open the Microsoft Edge on the screen and click the More icon in the window.
  • Select Extensions, after which the Extensions window opens up.
  • Click Get extensions from the store and then go on to install the Norton Safe .
  • When the extension is successfully installed, select Launch. In the pop-up window that appears, click Turn it on.
  • If there is no pop-up window, go to the More options and select Extensions.
  • Click the Norton Safe Web menu, toggle the Norton Safe button on.

Norton Safe Search Android

Set up the Safe Search:

  • Download the Norton Mobile Security app on the Android mobile device.
  • Open the app and scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the Online symbol.
  • Select the Online symbol and then tap the Safe Search menu.
  • Proceed to add a shortcut on the home screen of the mobile phone.
  • Next, swipe the screen to the right and tap the Add Search Bar.
  • After that, the Norton Safe Search bar is added to the notification section of the mobile screen.

Norton Safe Web Whitelist

Norton provides a facility to check if a website is safe and systematically sorts out the safe and unsafe websites. If Norton detects a website as unsafe and blacklists it, but the website is actually safe, you can go to the Symantec website and whitelist that particular site manually.

  • In the browser window, visit the Symantec Submission website and select the reason for whitelist.
  • Fill in the Submission Details and Your Details. Click the Submit button.