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Norton Security Installation Stuck On Starting

Norton Security Installation Stuck On Starting

Norton Security is one of the best applications that provide protection for your computer from all kinds of threats. This security software works with almost all the OS types and offers features like real-time protection, email spam filtering, phishing protection, and a personal firewall. It can be installed easily on any OS. However, there are some issues encountered by the users while installing the Norton Security software on their computers. The following section explains how to fix Norton Antivirus installation stuck on starting.Before you perform the advanced methods, check whether your computer is connected to the Internet. If not, connect it and then perform the installation. If the Norton Security installation stuck on starting. issue remains unresolved, try the advanced methods given below.Note: The following methods are suitable only for Windows computers.

Method 1: Restart your computer

  • Close all the existing applications that are running on your computer.
  • Now, restart your computer.
  • To do so, click the Windows icon or the Start button. 
  • Click on the Forward icon beside Shut down and select Restart. Alternative way: Press the Alt & F4 buttons at the same time on your computer keyboard. In the Shutdown Windows dialog box, select the Restart option from the drop-down menu given.

Uninstall and reinstall the Norton security app


  • On your Mac’s menu bar, click the Norton icon followed by Open Norton
  • In the Norton menu, click Norton and then select Uninstall Norton Security.
  • Now click Uninstall for uninstalling the Norton Security app.
  • Type your Mac’s administrative password and click Install Helper.
  • Restart your device and remove all the Norton programs using RemoveNortonMacFilesTool (you need to download this tool separately).

Method 2: Remove non-NortonLifeLock security product

If you have installed a non-NortonLifeLock security product on your computer, then there is a chance for these kinds of issues to occur.

  • Open Run.
  • Type appwiz.cpl.
  • In the opened window, select the non-NortonLifeLock security product installed on your computer.
  • Click Uninstall > Yes. 
  • If prompted, restart your Windows computer.

After restarting the computer, install Norton on it. If the "Norton Security installation stuck on starting" issue persists, then perform the next method given below.

Method 3: Run the installation in safe mode

  • Initially, make sure that all applications are closed on your computer.
  • Now, open the System Configuration window.
  • Click Boot > Safe Boot > Network.
  • Select OK
  • Try to install the Norton software by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 4: Use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool

  • Download and run this tool on your computer.
  • When prompted, click on the  Remove and Reinstall button followed by Continue or Remove > Restart Now.

If the above methods don’t resolve the Norton Security Installation Stuck on Starting issue, contact us.