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How To Fix Panda Error 12030?

Panda Error 12030

When you activate your Panda Protection service, you may encounter some error codes. When it comes to the error code 12030, you can quickly resolve it by modifying the required settings. The error code 12030 is related to the network connection settings. The error message will be indicated like ‘The Connection with the server has been terminated.’ So, you can resolve the issue by fixing your Internet connection itself. You can try fixing the Panda Error 12030 with the steps given below.

Check your Firewall and Network restrictions

  • The network or firewall rules on your computer can block the activation or update of your Panda Antivirus Protection Service.
  • When you modify the required settings, you can easily fix your network problem.
  • Usually, the firewall settings are implemented on your computer by the network provider or the one who uses the computer.
  • For disabling the firewall, go to the Control Panel, select System Security, and choose Windows Firewall.
  • Select the check box for Turn Off Windows Firewall (Not Recommended).
  • Make sure to customize the same settings for both the public and private networks.
  • Now, try activating your panda protection service again. You can fix the issue as simple as that.

Update your Network Driver Adapter

  • An outdated or incompatible network adapter can cause connectivity issues.
  • You can fix it by downloading the latest driver for the network adapter.
  • You can easily troubleshoot the issue by updating the driver.
  • Click on the Start button on your computer followed by My Computer. Go to the Properties option and then click Device Manager.
  • Now select Network Adapter and click the one you would like to update
  • Select Search for updated driver software and select Update Driver.
  • You have now customized your firewall settings and updated your network driver adapter as well. Now, you can proceed with activating your Panda protective service.
  • Now, we have seen how to fix Panda Error 12030.