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How to fix Quick Heal Update Error 1004?

The update error 1004 is encountered by many antivirus software users. As with any antivirus program, there will be some issues with Quick Heal too. And, one such issue is the Quick Heal Update error 1004. The message associated with this error will be the following in most of the cases:

“Downloading update failed. Error ID: 1004

For help, please contact our Support.”

Symptoms associated with Quick Heal Update Error 1004:

  • When you try to perform an online update, the above error message will be displayed on your screen.
  • You will face the same problem if you attempt to update Quick Heal using the offline updater.

Reasons behind the Update Error 1004:

The main reason behind this error is the corruption of major files associated with Quick Heal antivirus installation. Those causes of corruption are listed here:

  • While the Quick Heal update was in progress, your computer would have restarted abruptly.
  • Quick Heal update would have stopped abruptly without finishing.
  • Your computer switched over to the auto repair/restore mode.

Steps to resolve the Quick Heal Update Error 1004:

  1. The first task towards resolving the error is to check if there are any errors on your hard disk. To find out, follow these steps:

    For a Windows XP/Vista/7 Operating System:

    • First, click on Start. Then, go to All Programs.
    • Now, select Accessories and then right-click on the Command Prompt option.
    • From the displayed options, choose Run as Administrator. The Command Prompt window will now display.
    • In the window, type CHKDSK and press Enter.
    • Once completed, the disk check results will be displayed in the window.
    • You will now come to know if there are any errors or bad sectors on your hard disk.
    • If any errors exist, you can solve them by entering the CHKDSK /F /R command.
    • Next, press Y and then restart your computer. The error on your hard disk will be fixed.

    For a Windows 8/10 Operating System:

    • On your keyboard, press the Windows key and the X key at the same time.
    • From the list of options displayed, choose Command Prompt (Admin). The Command Prompt window will now appear.
    • In the window, run the disk check process and find out if there are any errors on your hard disk.
    • In case you see that there are any bad sectors or errors on your hard disk, fix them by typing in the CHKDSK /F /R command. Then, press the Y key and then restart your computer to rectify the errors.
  1. Once you have resolved the hard disk errors, press the Windows and the R keys simultaneously. The RUN dialog box will now pop up.
  2. In the dialog box, type quickup.exe /rollback
  3. Now, click on the OK button and wait for some moments.
  4. Try updating Quick Heal now and check if the update error 1004 pops up again.
  5. If the error pops up once again, try uninstalling and reinstalling the most recent version of Quick Heal. You can easily obtain the software’s latest version from the Quick Heal official site.
  6. Now, perform the update.
  7. The Quick Heal update error 1004 should be resolved by now.
Quick Heal Update Error 1004