Registry Malware Scanner

Registry Malware Scanner

check registry for malware

Registry malware or virus can infect your system and cause loss of data. Malicious applications may lead to malware on the system registry. Check the registry files for viruses or malware to remove the malware and protect your system from damage or corruption. Proceed with the steps given below to run a Registry Malware Scanner on your computer..

  • Press the Start menu and search for the Antivirus application on your computer.
  • You can also open the Antivirus application from the Desktop icon on the Windows taskbar.
  • Open the Antivirus program and choose your location to scan for malware.
  • Choose only the Registry folder and run a system scan.
  • Wait until the scan gets completed.
  • Depending upon your Antivirus program, the detected malware will be removed automatically.
  • If you are prompted to remove the virus or malware, follow the on-screen instructions in the Scan results window to remove the malware.

Registry Virus Removal Tool

  • Virus or malware will affect your system and take your personal details from your computer. You can remove the virus from the registry of your computer by using the removal tool given below.
  • Press the Start menu and type “regedit” in the Search section. Then, press the Enter key.
  • Open the directory "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion" by double-clicking on each folder.
  • When you open the CurrentVersion directory, locate the folders which start with Run.
  • Delete all the folders displaying Run and also remove any registry that is confirmed as malware.
  • You can also download a virus removal tool to remove the registry virus or malware.
  • CCleaner is the best tool that can protect and clean your computer.
  • Go to the official CCleaner website from your web browser.
  • Download the CCleaner on your computer and install it.
  • Open CCleaner and click Easy Clean to remove any registry virus from your computer.
  • For assistance in using Registry Malware Scanner, Contact our technical experts by clicking the call button available on the screen.