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Remove Trojan Horse in Windows 7

Trojan horse is a malware that misleads the user away from its actual content. It is a type of malicious code that hacks your computer and takes full control of it. A Trojan is designed to damage, steal, disrupt, and cause any general inflicts through other harmful actions or data. They can be taken control of by cyber-thieves and gain access to the user's system. It is typically tricked by a form of social engineering that helps in leading and executing Trojans in their system. It contains data or code that abuses a vulnerability within application software that's operating on your endpoint. It gives malicious users remote access over the infected computer. There are two ways to Remove Trojan Horse in Windows 7. Some common issues you will face if the Trojan is taken control of your computer are as follows:

You're using way more data than usual.

  • Videos suddenly buffer, and web pages take forever to load.
  • Programs and apps start crashing.
  • You start seeing pop-up ads.
  • Your gadget suddenly restarts.
  • Unexplained online activity.
Remove Trojan Horse in Windows 7

System Restore

  • Click the Start button and enter the system Restore in the search box.
  • The other option is, you can click the Start button and select All Programs-> Accessories ->System Tools.
  • Choose the System Restore option from the System Tools folder.
  • Select the System Restore option from the shown results.
  • Make sure to click the System Restore radio button and then click the Next option.
  • This restore point is the one Windows is recommends; however, you can choose another restore point by clicking the "Choose a different restore point" radio button.
  • Choose a date that you know the computer was functioning correctly.
  • Click the Finish button.

System Restore In Safe Mode

  • Restart your computer. Launch the Start button, click Shut down, and select the Restart button.
  • Press and hold the F8 key on your keyboard as your computer restarts. This will help in resolving the Trojan horse malware on your screen.
  • Select the Safe Mode from the Advanced Boot Options menu using the navigational arrow keys and then press "Enter."
  • The option is critical if you have a Trojan that has taken control of your computer because it will not allow you to access anything in normal mode, also not even in the System Restore setup. Using Safe Mode is a low-level workaround procedure.
  • Click the Start button in Safe Mode and then open the Control Panel.
  • In the search bar, type recovery and select the option from the results shown.
  • Click "System Restore" from the System Recovery Options dialog box.
  • The system restoration will take place and will reboot the computer in time for the startup. When done, you should find that the Trojan has been removed.
  • To Remove Trojan Horse in Windows 7, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.