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How to Reset Windows Defender?

Resetting Windows Defender Windows 10

Resetting the Security Center Service will reset the Windows Defender program on your Windows 10 computer. Below are the quick instructions to reset the Security Center service.

Reset Windows Defender
  • Click on the search bar on your Windows 10 computer and enter ‘services.msc’ without the quotes.
  • Choose the Services option from the displayed search result.
  • When the Services window opens, search for the Security Center option and right-click it.
  • Now, select the Reset option from the list of options. It will Reset Windows Defender Windows 10.
  • Make sure to restart your Windows 10 computer.

Restore Windows Defender Default Settings

  • Go to the Command Prompt window.
  • Type the ‘netsh advfirewall reset’ command without including the single quotes.
  • Press the Enter key on the computer’s keyboard.
  • Once done, close the Command Prompt window. This will restore Windows Defender to its default settings.

Reset Windows Defender Firewall

The steps to reset the Windows Defender Firewall settings are given below.

  • Navigate to the Control Panel window, click the System and Security tab on the left panel, and select the Windows Defender Firewall option on the main panel.
  • Click the Restore Defaults link in the left side panel.
  • When you see the Restore Default Settings window on the screen, select the option followed by the Yes option.
  • This will reset the Windows Defender firewall settings.

Restore Windows Defender Removed Files

  • Press the Win key on the keyboard, click the Settings icon, and select the Update & Security option.
  • Click the Windows Defender tab on the left panel and select the Open Windows Defender Security Center option in the main panel.
  • When the next dialog window opens, select the Virus & threat protection.
  • Click the Scan History link, go to the Quarantined threats section, and select the file that you need to restore.
  • Finally, click the Restore option to restore Windows Defender removed file.