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Symantec Endpoint Protection Removal Tool

Symantec Endpoint Protection Removal Tool

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a cybersecurity defense suite designed for small businesses. There are some core features, like antivirus, antispyware, and firewall, to protect computers and laptops from online threats and hackers. Symantec Endpoint Protection helps to analyze files and applications for potential threats and prevents employees from triggering attacks.Apart from the protection features it offers, Symantec Endpoint Protection has a central control panel that can be monitored through the cloud or an online portal. The single admin has the capability to form policies for devices and users to receive alerts through email or SMS. As of late, Symantec Endpoint Protection has not been meeting the people’s expectations. When you put up a pros and cons list, there is an immense rise in the latter. Let us see how to use Symantec Endpoint Protection Removal Tool.

Some of the cons of Symantec Endpoint Protection are,

  • Disappointing product and partner support
  • Bad Firewall improvement
  • Lack of upgrades
  • The User Interface is outdated

The best way is to get rid of Symantec Endpoint Protection using the removal tool called CleanWipe.

In this article, we have mentioned the steps on how to download the Symantec Endpoint Protection removal tool and get rid of the cybersecurity program once and for all.

  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Click the address bar and enter the URL for CleanWipe download.
  • Download the application from the Internet.
  • Open the downloads section on your browser and extract the application since it is in .zip format.
  • Do a double-click on the cleanwipe.exe file.
  • Click the Next button and follow the commands on the screen.
  • Click the Next button for the License Agreement.
  • When the CleanWipe product page opens, click the checkbox for the Client Software option (This has the Symantec Endpoint Protection files).
  • Click the Next button.
  • The Symantec removal tool will show a pop-up that says the system requires a reboot; click the OK button.
  • Once the system restarts, you will see a window that says Removal Completed.
  • Click the Finish button.

Follow the steps as mentioned in this article on how to use the Symantec Endpoint Protection removal tool (CleanWipe).If you are having any issues regarding the technical aspects, kindly click the CALL button. Our technical team will assist you in any way you want.