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How to Temporarily Disable Norton On Mac ?

Norton is a popular security tool recommended for your devices. However, it causes technical problems by blocking the program during the download and installation. It is better to disable the Norton before performing such activities. Use the below steps to temporarily disahow-to-uninstall-norton-antivirusble Norton on Mac device.

  • Go to the status menu bar on the upper right corner of the dock and right-click the Norton icon.
  • A list of options appears on the screen, select Disable Auto-Protect.
  • Following that, the Security Request window opens up, set the duration from the Select the duration drop-down menu. Specify for how long you want to turn off the Norton security service.
  • Click the OK button to save.
Temporarily Disable Norton On Mac

To stop all the notifications from the Norton program, follow the below steps.

  • Launch the Norton app on the dock, if you cannot find the Norton tool on the dock, open the System Preferences window, and you can find the Norton app.
  • When the Norton main window opens up, select the Settings menu.
  • Under the Settings menu, choose the Administrative Settings option.
  • Next, navigate to the Task Notification section and click the toggle button to turn off the notifications from the Norton.
  • After that, select Apply to save the settings and close the window.
  • The Norton advanced security features are enabled by default, use the following steps to turn off the advanced settings.
  • Open the Norton app on Mac and select the Advanced or Settings menu in the main window.
  • On the left side navigation panel, click the Firewall menu, go to the Vulnerability Protection menu, and toggle button to disable.
  • Next, move to the DeepSight division and click the small settings icon.
  • After the Norton DeepSight Settings window appears on the screen, navigate to the Downloads panel and then turn off the Norton DeepSight Community Download menu.
  • Now, click the Done menu.
  • When you want to turn on the Norton service again, follow the same path, and use the switch to enable the services.
  • Click the Call or Call Us button available on this screen to get remote assistance to Temporarily Disable Norton On Mac.