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Total Av Antivirus Download For Pc

The Total AV Antivirus software protects your computer from malware and online threats. If you have decided to install Total AV on your Windows computer, then always make sure you download it from the official Total AV site. Do not trust any third party site to download the antivirus software. You can also download and install the app from the Windows Store. The methods to perform Total Av Antivirus Download For Pc are given here.

Total Av Antivirus Download For Pc

Install Total Av antivirus for pc manually:

  • Open a Web browser.
  • Download the Total Av antivirus installation file from the official website.
  • Select Save or Save As.
  • Once the download gets completed, double click the .exe file to run the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When everything gets completed, the Total Av antivirus icon will be seen on the desktop.
  • Double click on the icon to run the application and run an initial scan on your computer.

Install Total AV from Windows Store:

  • Launch the Windows Store App. You can locate the Windows Store app at the bottom of the taskbar of your desktop.
  • Look for the Total Av antivirus app in the Windows store using the search bar or select the Apps tile.
  • Once you find the Total Av antivirus for pc, check whether it is a paid version or a free version and choose the one you prefer. Click the button to install and the installation process will start. Then you can click Open to open the app after it is installed.

If you’ve already installed the app, it will show the Install button. You can directly click the Install button. Now, you have successfully performed Total Av Antivirus Download For Pc