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How to use Trend Micro Cleaner?

Trend Micro Cleanup Tool

The Trend Micro Cleaner tool is a package of applications containing a Malware System Cleaner (SysClean) and other SysClean solutions. These applications will help you in identifying and removing the threats present on your computer. You can download the SysClean tool from Trend Micro’s official site. To know how, follow the instructions given below.

Trend Micro Cleaner
  • Go to the official site of Trend Micro.
  • Search for the Trend Micro Cleanup Tool and select it.
  • In the window titled, TREND MICRO SYSTEM CLEANER (SYSCLEAN) PACKAGES, you can find a list of Malware SysClean and other SysClean packages.
  • Select the package of your wish from the displayed list.
  • Once the package is downloaded, you can open and utilize it as per your needs.

Trend Micro Dr Cleaner Mac

  • Trend Micro Dr. Cleaner is an application used for cleaning the Mac OS. You can’t say your Mac computer is completely protected. While you download and install an application from the App Store, there is a chance for a malware or virus file to intrude into your computer. But with this application, you can find and clean unwanted files and folders present on your Mac computer.
  • Visit the Mac App Store and download the Dr.Cleaner application for free.
  • Install Trend Micro Cleaner and remove the unwanted files from your Mac.

Procedure to use Dr.Cleaner:

In this application, you have the following list of options: Menu Window, Main Console, Preferences, and Technical Support.

  • Menu Window: Displays the size of junk files stored on your Mac. It also displays the CPU usage and memory & network usage.
  • Main Console: This window displays six sub-features such as Junk Files, Big Files, Disk Map, Duplicate Files, App Manager, and File Shredder.
  • Preferences: In this window you have six options. They are General, Notifications, Memory, Duplicates, Whitelists, and Auto Select.

Trend Micro Officescan Cleanup Tool

If you want to uninstall a corrupted or password-protected OfficeScan agent from your computer, then you can use the Trend Micro OfficeScan CleanUp tool. This tool is also known as CUT Tool. To download the OfficeScan tool, follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to Trend Micro application’s Business Support Portal.
  • On this page, click the My Support tab.
  • Select Diagnostic Tools > Other Tools > CUT Tools.
  • Download and install the CUT Tool on your computer by following the on-screen instructions

Trend Micro Registry Cleaner

Trend Micro Registry Cleaner removes unwanted and harmful registries from your computer. This application can be download from the Trend Micro official site. Install the application and start removing the unwanted registry files from your computer. Contact us to get more information about Trend Micro Cleaner.