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How To Uninstall Avast Cleanup Mac?

If you are a regular subscribed member or new to Avast Cleanup Premium for Mac, please get to know about the Avast Cleanup Premium. This is an optimization tool that finds malicious programs and performance issues on your Mac, and optimizes disk space and improves the speed of your Mac.Avast Cleanup premium comes only in a paid version that requires a subscription to use. This article contains instructions to uninstall Avast Cleanup Mac.Please note that moving your Avast Cleanup to trash doesn't uninstall the software.

Uninstall Avast Cleanup Mac?

To uninstall Avast Cleanup for the paid version from your Mac:

How to open the Avast Cleanup user connection using one of the following methods:

  • On your Mac, locate the Avast Avast Cleanup icon in the Menu bar? and click it.
  • Check whether the Avast Cleanup Premium window is active.
  • Now, click Avast Cleanup. Scroll down the drop-down menu and click Uninstall Avast Cleanup Premium.
  • Here, you can see Welcome to the Avast Cleanup Premium window; you have to click Continue at the right bottom of the screen.
  • In the Uninstaller wants to make changes dialogue box, enter your administrator Username and Password. Click on the OK option to confirm.
  • Now you have successfully uninstalled Avast Cleanup for Mac.

If you find it difficult to Uninstall Avast Cleanup Mac by yourself, contact our technical support team for assistance.