How To Use Vipre Removal Tool?

Computers are part of our daily lives. If they are prone to viruses, it could affect your files and may also damage them permanently. Also, your personal data, like banking details and social security information might be lost. Protecting a computer from online/offline threats is essential. You have to choose the best antivirus tool to safeguard all your data and files from viruses. Vipre Rescue is a removal tool designed to clean your system if it is infected with any virus. To know how to use Vipre removal tool on your computer, refer to the step-by-step instructions provided on this page.

Vipre Removal Tool?

Step 1

  • Boot your infected computer in Safe Mode.
  • When the computer starts to boot, you have to press the F8 key on the keyboard.
  • Once you see the boot screen, select your preferred option.

Step 2

Download the Vipre Rescue tool on another (uninfected) computer.

Step 3

  • Save the downloaded program to a USB drive.
  • You can even use any other portable media for saving the downloaded tool.

Step 4

  • Connect the USB drive to the infected computer.

Step 5

  • Run the file that you have saved in the USB drive and click the Yes option.
  • This will extract the Vipre Removal tool.

Step 6

  • Click the Unzip option.

Step 7

  • Select the Vipre Rescue tool.
  • Wait until the program cleans the computer.

Note: The Vipre Rescue tool’s antivirus definitions change daily. So, it is better to download the most recent version of it from the official Vipre website.