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Virus Removal for Android

Types of viruses that affect your Android mobile phone are FBI virus, pop up virus, battery virus, shortcut virus, redirect virus, and autorun virus. Irrespective of the type of virus, the removal method is the same. You have to delete the malicious or unwanted application. Else, perform a device reset or run any antivirus program on your Android mobile phone. Follow the quick solutions mentioned below to Virus Removal for Android and remove all kinds of viruses from an Android mobile phone.

How to Remove Virus from Android?

Follow the solutions provided below to remove all viruses from your Android mobile phone.

Step 1 - Using Avg Antivirus to Delete Virus from your Android Mobile Phone

  • Download and then install the AVG Antivirus for Android application from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the installed AVG application on the Android mobile phone.
  • Touch the Scan button on the main panel.
  • Wait for some time until the AVG application scans for the viruses and threats.
  • When the application detects the viruses, touch the Resolve option to remove them from the Android mobile phone.
  • The AVG Antivirus will also help to remove malicious applications.

Step 2 - Removing Administrator Access

  • Select the Security & Location option from the Settings menu.
  • Tap the Device Admin Apps option.
  • Check whether you have given access to any malicious application.
  • If so, remove the checkmark next to the application.

Best Virus Removal for Android

The best virus removal tools for the Android mobile phone are listed below.

  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free
  • McAfee Security & Power Booster Free
  • Sophos Free Antivirus & Security
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
Best Virus Removal for Android

Remove Congratulations you’ve Won Virus Android

Follow the steps provided here to remove the Congratulations You’ve Won pop-up virus on your Android mobile phone.

Step 1 - Deleting the congratulations you won file on the android mobile phone

  • Find the Settings icon and then tap it. Select the Apps option. Navigate to the Download section.
  • Search for the Congratulations You Won file, select and uninstall it from the Android mobile phone.
  • Go back to the Settings window and select the Security option
  • Tap the Device Administrator option. Make sure to checkmark the box next to the Unknown Sources option.

Step 2 - Clearing browser data and cookies

  • Select SettingsAppsDownloadChrome and then tap the Force Stop option followed by the Clear Data option
  • Do the step mentioned above to clear the data and cookies of the other web browsers such as Firefox, UC Browser, and Opera.

Step 3 - Restarting the android mobile phone

  • Press and then hold the Power button.
  • Tap the Restart option
  • Now, the Congratulations You Won pop-up virus is removed from the Android mobile phone.

How to Remove Fbi Virus Without Safe Mode Android?

Proceed with the quick guidelines mentioned here to remove the FBI virus from your Android mobile phone.

Solution 1 - removing malicious application from the android mobile phone

  • Select the Settings icon followed by the Apps option to view the Apps list.
  • Find the suspicious applications from the Apps list and then select it.
  • Select the Uninstall button to remove the selected application completely from the Android mobile phone.

Solution 2 - using comodo antivirus

  • Download the Comodo Mobile Security application.
  • Once you have installed the Comodo antivirus software on the Android mobile phone, open its main interface.
  • Tap the Quick Scan button to scan the Android mobile phone for the FBI virus.
  • After scanning, the Comodo Mobile Security software removes the FBI virus from the Android mobile phone.

How to Remove Pop Up Virus on Android?

The main reason for the pop-up virus is due to the installation of unwanted applications on your Android device. Perform the steps provided here to remove the pop-up virus on the Android device.

Step 1 - removing problematic application from the android device in safe mode

  • Hold the Power button of your Android device
  • Hold the Power Off option on the touch screen to start the Android phone in safe mode.
  • Tap the Google Play Store icon and then touch the Menu icon at the top of the screen.
  • Navigate to the My Apps & Games section.
  • Select the recently installed application or game and then touch the Uninstall option.
  • Repeat the previous step to remove all the recently installed applications. You can install all the deleted applications if needed from the Google Play Store application.

Step 2 - protecting your android device from pop up virus

  • After opening the main window of the Google Play Store, touch the Menu icon.
  • Select the Play Protect option and then turn on the ‘Scan device for security threats’ feature.
  • You can also prefer downloading an anti-malware application like Malwarebytes.

Step 3 - stopping notifications from a specific website

  • Tap the Google Chrome icon.
  • Touch the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Site option followed by the Site Settings option.
  • Navigate to the Permissions tab and then touch the Notifications option.
  • Turn off the toggle switch beside the Notifications option.
Virus Removal for Android

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Android Phone?

To know how to remove shortcut virus from your Android mobile phone, refer to the solutions below.

  • Shortcut virus is a combination of trojan and worm viruses.
  • To remove the shortcut virus, you need to install the usbFIX application on your Android mobile phone.
  • Alternatively, format the memory card that is causing the short cut virus.
Virus Removal App for Android

Will Factory Reset Remove Virus Android

Yes, a factory reset will remove the virus from Android. If you want assistance in resetting your Android device, click the Call button displayed on the page, and our technical experts will help you out.

Battery Virus Android Removal

The common way to remove the battery virus is to delete unwanted applications from your Android mobile phone.

  • Go to SettingsApps and then tap the applications that seem to be suspicious
  • Touch the Uninstall option to remove the malicious application from the Virus Removal for Android mobile phone.
  • Using any virus removal application is also preferable.
Virus Android Removal

Redirect Virus Removal for Android

Redirect virus can be removed from your Android mobile phone by following the troubleshooting instructions below.

Step 1 - Removing third-party suspicious applications

  • Search for the suspicious third-party applications in the Apps list.
  • Select and drag the application to the top of the screen.
  • This will remove the application from the Android mobile phone.

Step 2 - Clearing cache or data

  • View the Settings window by tapping the Settings icon.
  • To clear the cache or data of an application like Google Chrome, tap it and touch the Clear Cache option.
  • If you are accessing more than one web browser on the Android mobile phone, you have to clear the cache for the remaining browsers also.

Step 3 - Resetting data to the default factory settings

  • In the Settings window, tap the Backup & Reset option
  • Now, touch the Factory Data Reset option.
  • This will reset all the data on the Android mobile phone to the factory settings.

How to Remove Autorun Virus from Android?

To know how to remove autorun virus from your Android mobile phone, refer to the content here.

  • Autorun is a type of virus file that affects your memory card and Pendrive.
  • After inserting the affected memory card into the phone’s slot, proceed with the following solution to remove the autorun virus.
  • The most commonly used applications to the autorun Virus Removal for Android are listed here.
  • Phone Virus Remover
  • Clean Master
  • Total Virus Scanner & Remover
  • Task Manager
  • 360 Security
  • Download and then install any one of the applications on the Android mobile phone.
  • Open the main interface of the installed application and tap the Scan button to start scanning for the autorun virus.
  • Once the application detects the autorun virus, it removes the virus automatically.
  • You are recommended not to remove autorun virus with the help of the Android mobile phone.
  • Use a memory card reader to format the memory card. This will remove the autorun virus from the Android mobile phone.