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How to enable Webroot Full Disk Access Mac?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is an Antivirus software that protects your device from known and unknown threats like malware, spyware, and ransomware. It is necessary to grant the Webroot SecureAnywhere software full disk access and enable its extension on your Mac. You will be prompted to do this during the installation of the software.

Webroot Full Disk Access Mac

To enable Webroot Full Disk Access Mac, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • On your Mac, launch the downloaded Webroot SecureAnywhere installer file and give a double-click on the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon.
  • Click Open to launch the installer and select your preferred language.
  • Enter your key code and click the Agree and Install button.
  • Enter your Mac administrator credentials to continue with the installation.
  • On the Full Disk Access screen, click the Open System Preferences button.
  • Otherwise, click the Apple menu and select the System Preferences option from the drop-down menu.
  • If the System Extension Blocked message pops-up, ignore it.
  • Next, click the Security and Privacy settings icon in the System Preferences window.
  • In the Security & Privacy window, click the Privacy tab.
  • Navigate to the left-side panel and select Full Disk Access.
  • Click the Padlock icon available at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • In the pop-up window, enter your Mac administrator name in the User Name field and the Mac administrator password in the Password field.
  • Click the Unlock button and select the Add icon at the top-right of the apps list.
  • In the new window, click the Applications tab.
  • Next, select Webroot SecureAnywhere and click the Open button.
  • Click and enable the Webroot SecureAnywhere checkbox.
  • A new pop-up with the following message will appear: “Webroot SecureAnywhere will not have full-disk access until it is quit.”
  • Click the Quit Now button and return to the Webroot SecureAnywhere window.
  • Click the Next button and select the Install Extension tab.
  • In the System Extension Blocked window, click the Open Security Preferences button.
  • Click the General tab in the Security & Privacy window.
  • Enter your mac administrator’s username and password in the required fields.
  • Click the Unlock button to unlock the padlock icon.
  • Click the Allow button and return to the Webroot installation window to finish the installation.
  • If you are facing problems in granting Webroot Full Disk Access Mac, contact our technical support team for remote assistance.